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Mine Your Own ETH:

5-Minutes Guide

Laurent Chevrette | October 2, 2020

ETH is still in its infancy both tech-wise and valuation-wise. This quick guide explains how to mine the profitable Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency from the comfort of your home! Yes, that includes when you sleep peacefully or are away from your computer. All you need is a recent graphic card (or two, even better!) and 5 minutes of your time. Read on. Difficulty Level: Beginners/Intermediate

Cryptocurrency Prices by Coinlib

First of all check if your graphics card is powerful enough to mine ETH in 2 minutes by following this guide. Basically, open the System Information, go to Components then Display, boom. You have teh specs of your GPU right there. You technically need 4GB right now to mine ETH, but for various reasons it's more like 5GB and up.

OK so hopefully you have more than 5GB on your card(s) [if not well, you could still mine alt coins, if you have access to free electricity... Now let's download a cryptocurrency wallet app on our phone. I use various wallets (to diversify the hacking/failure risks) but if you are just starting out Exodus will do the job for you. Open up Exodus and go to your ETH wallet and note the receiving address.

Last step! Head to and download the ETH miner. Unzip the files and open "config.ini" and put your personal ETH wallet address in the last line instead of the default one.

That's it! Launch "nanominer.exe" and relax while your GPU makes money for you! ETH took a lot in valuation in the last few months...If you want to check your mining progress go back to nanopool and enter your wallet address in the top right corner. You'll get detailed stats of your miner(s). Cheers and happy mining!

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